A minimum of 4 players per team (max 12) is required.

Matches are played on Sundays commencing 12pm (noon). 12.15pm grace period thence rule 11 (penalty sanctions) of the
Marches Petanque Rules applies.

Format – 2 pairs (Played first concurrently), 2 triples & 2 singles (i.e. a single & triple played concurrently then the same again, unless both
teams have sufficient players and there are sufficient pistes to allow more games to be played concurrently).

Maximum number of games played by any individual is 3.

No player can play more than one double.

No player can play more than one single.

A team cannot use the same three players for both games of triples
(i.e. the second triple must contain at least one player who was not in the first triple).

Result sheets to be sent to the Results Secretary as soon as possible.

Postponements, cancellations, incidents, discrepancies….etc should be
reported to both Secretary and Results Secretary also as soon as possible.

Normal Marches Petanque Rules should be observed and adhered to.