1.  A team may consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 players in any league match.

2.1  In each league match teams will play:

  1.       2x Triples (3 players using 2 boules each)
  2.       2x Doubles (2 players using 3 boules each)
  3.       2x Singles (1 player using 3 boules)

2.2 The total number of games per league match will therefore be 6.

2.3 No individual player may play more than two games in the same match.

2.4 No individual player may play more than one game of the same format (i.e. triples, doubles or singles) in the same match.

2.5 The match will commence with the 2 Triples (played concurrently), followed by the Doubles and ending with the Singles.

2.6 It is permissible for the Doubles and Singles to be played concurrently if there are sufficient piste’s available and if both Teams Captains agree that they have players available in accordance with rules 2.3 and 2.4.

3.  All league matches shall be played to B.P.F. rules and all league games will be played to 13 points.

4. Where there is a choice of terrains (playing areas), the visiting team will be advised on arrival which terrain will be used for the duration of the match.

5. Score sheets

  • a. Names of all players taking part in a league match must be recorded in the provided place on the match score sheets.
  • b. It will be the responsibility of the HOME team captain to forward the league match result to the Results Secretary within SEVEN DAYS of the match date. Failure of the home team to comply with this rule will result in the home team having one league point deducted from their total for the season, and the Executive Committee will decide the best course of action to avoid any unfair advantage or disadvantage accruing to any team whether or not involved in the match in question.

6.  Each team must appoint a captain for each league match. This appointment need not be the same member for each league match.

7.   League match captains will be responsible for agreeing to the game scores and final league match result.

8.  If there is a dispute concerning the rules of play during a league match, it will be the responsibility of BOTH captains to report the matter IN WRITING to the Results Secretary if no agreement can be reached on the night of the league match.

9. League Positions.
Three League points will be awarded per match won. One League point for a draw. League positions will be decided by:-

  • a. Total League Points
  • b. Games Won
  • c. Game Points difference.
  • d. Game Points scored.

10. Penalty Sanctions.

  • a. Under normal circumstances, all league matches should start within 5 minutes of the stipulated time of 7.30pm .
  • b. Should no player from the opposing team appear by the end of the 5 minutes grace period the following penalty sanctions will apply: The non-offending team may claim one game point in each of the opening two games of Triples, and a further game point after each subsequent 5-minute period until the opposing team arrives or a maximum of 45 minutes have elapsed, at which point the games will be claimed 13-0. On arrival, the offending team joining a game late will start with a zero points score. If the opponents have still not appeared after the opening Triples have been conceded 13-0, the non-offending team will claim subsequent games after a further 5 minutes per game. All 4 remaining games (2xDoubles & 2xSingles) will be claimed after the same 5-minute period has elapsed if sufficient lanes were available for all the games to have been played concurrently.
  • c. If a team is represented by less than the minimum six players at the end of the 5-minutes grace period, the non-offending captain must ask the opposing team to commence play although their team is incomplete. In this case, the remaining players of the incomplete team may only play their own boules; those of the absent player/s are forfeit. Late arriving players may join their partners at the start of the next end after they arrive.
  • d. In the event of a Team starting a match with less than the minimum six players, the score sheet will be filled out and games commencedaccording to the following convention:
    • 1. All three players names must be filled in for the first Triple before any players names are filled in for the second Triple.
      2. The names of late arriving players will be allocated to vacant places in the first or second Triple until all of the places in both Triples are filled.
      3. Late arriving players must be allocated places in the Triples (as point 2 above) even if they arrive after the end of the game(s). In this way a player who arrives after the completion of both Triples will be permitted to play in only one of the remaining Doubles or Singles if, had they arrived sooner, they would have been required to make up the numbers in a Triple.
      4. The principle applied to the Triples (as point 3 above) will also apply to the Doubles and Singles. Hence if a team has insufficient players available to start both Doubles after the Triples have been completed, both players names for the first Double must be filled in on the scoresheet before any players names are filled in for the second Double. Likewise, no players names will be filled in for the Singles unless all four places in the Doubles have already been filled.

11. Postponement of League matches.

  • a. A League match may only be postponed on the scheduled fixture date due to very inclement weather e.g. resulting in a flooded or snow-covered piste. It is the responsibility of the home team captain to notify the Results Secretary of the postponement and date of the re-arranged match within seven days.
  • b. A team may rearrange a match with the agreement of the opposing team captain. The match must be played before the original scheduled date of the fixture. Should a match not be played by the agreed date the postponing team will be penalised by the deduction of one League point, but the match will still have to be played at a later date before the end of the current League season. In the event that a postponed match cannot be re-arranged, the Executive Committee will decide the best course of action to avoid any unfair
    advantage or disadvantage accruing to any team whether or not involved in the unplayed match.
  • c. If a match is postponed less than 24 hours before the scheduled start time, the team that required the postponement will have one League point deducted from their total, but the match will still have to be rearranged before the end of the season.
  • d. Where a League match is abandoned and remains unfinished, and arrangements to complete the match are not agreed within seven days, then the complete and incomplete scores from the original abandoned match will stand.
  • e. Where a League match that was previously abandoned has to be completed at a later date, either team may introduce a substitute player with the agreement of the opposing team captain.
  • f. If any member of the Executive Committee is involved in a disputed match, that member must declare an interest and withdraw from the meeting while the matter is being discussed until the outcome has been decided.

12. Player / Team Commitment.

  • a. Any player, having played for a team, is deemed to be committed solely to that team for the remainder of the current season.
  • b. Under exceptional circumstances a request to transfer to another team must be notified to the Executive Committee via the Results Secretary and subject to approval before any change takes place.
  • c. Should a player play for a new team prior to Executive Committee approval then that player’s games in the match will be void (13 – 0 to the non-offending team).

13. Other Competitions.

  • a. The League Committee will be responsible for the efficient organisation of all other Marches Petanque competitions in accordance with articles 3 (b) and 6 (b) of the Constitution.
  • b. The League Executive or Committee when deciding on a venue for a Marches Petanque competition will not take into account any players personally banned from that venue.

14. Discipline.

  • a. It is the Publicans’ generosity (when playing on licensed premises property) that provides us with the facilities to play Petanque. Therefore, players and supporters alike will not be allowed to bring their own drinks to licensed premises, subject to paragraph ‘b’ below. This is normally a public house rule anyway and is also a common courtesy. The consumption of own foodstuffs will only be allowed with the publicans’ permission. Otherwise, all beverages and foodstuffs must be purchased at the venue.
  • b. Individuals should notify the publican of any dietary requirements and therefore permission should be sought for the individuals concerned to consume their own drinks/foodstuffs at venues.
  • c. Any breaches of rules, complaints or matters of indiscipline or inappropriate behaviour before, during or after matches should be   REPORTED IN WRITING to the Secretary with seven days of the incident occurring.
  • d. It will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to investigate all reported incidents and where deemed necessary, impose any penalties or sanctions that it thinks fit to individuals or clubs who are found to be culpable.

15. Coaching

  • a. Coaching by non-players during matches should only be allowed if ONLY JUNIORS are playing in singles, pairs or triples matches.