Adopted 6th June, 2019

    1.      The Club

        a)   The Club shall be known as the Hereford Petanque Club and referred to below as the ‘Club’.

    2.      Aims of the Club

  a)   To foster and encourage the playing of Petanque within Herefordshire and the Marches region through press exposure, developing a website, hosting events and promoting Petanque  England to the existing Marches Petanque League.

        b)   i)      To organise Club Teams for the Euro Cup.

              ii)      To organise a representative Hereford Petanque Club Team for the Regional Inter-Club competition and any other regional or national competitions.

        c)   To encourage and to facilitate members of the Marches Petanque League to join and support Petanque England as Club members.

    3.       Club Executive/Committee.

        a)    The Executive of the Club shall consist, as a minimum, of  a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

        b)    The Committee shall consist of all members of the Club who hold a current Petanque England Licence. Each shall have one vote.

        C)    All members of the Executive will be elected at the Club AGM.  The Club Committee may appoint a member onto the Executive only if the position remains vacant after an AGM or becomes             vacant due to an Executive member standing down.

        D)    The failure of an Executive Officer to attend two consecutive meetings (Executive or Committee) with no prior apology will result in that position being deemed vacant.

        E)    The Club Committee shall meet at least three times per annum.  One of these to be held in October and will include the AGM.

        F)    At Club Committee meetings, any rule of the Club may be rescinded and any new rule introduced by a simple majority vote.

        h)    Minutes and records of each meeting shall be kept by the Secretary.

    4.       Membership and Fees

      a)    Membership is open to all upon paying a five pounds membership fee and registering with the Club Chairman. Members who wish to join Petanque England pay their own PE licence fees.

    5.       General Meetings.

        a)    The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October, for which each member will be given 28 days’ notice in writing.

        b)    All propositions and nominations (duly seconded), must be submitted in writing  to the Club Secretary within 14 days of the date of the AGM notice and will be circulated with the AGM             Agenda.

        c)    AGM’s and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be open to all members. On attendance at the meeting all Committee members will be entitled to one vote only, on any matter or             proposal. Members not holding a PE Licence will be eligible to vote on Club/Local matters, but not on Regional or National matters. The Chairman will have a casting vote on proposals             at any meeting.

        d)    At AGM’s and EGM’s any rule of the Club having been in force for a minimum of 2 years may be rescinded and any new rule introduced by the vote of two thirds of the total votes cast.

        e)    EGM’s can be called at any time by the Club Executive or by agreement between four Club members but with at least 28 days’ notice to all members.

    6.       Club Funds.

        a)    The Club must be financially solvent at all times.

        b)    A record of all income monies and expenditure shall be maintained by the Treasurer who will produce an audited record of all income and expenditure at the Club AGM.

        c)    A sub-committee consisting of two verifiers from the membership to verify the previous year’s accounts shall be nominated at the AGM.

        d)    The Club financial year shall run from the 1st October to 30th September.

        e)    The Club funds shall be deposited at a recognised financial institution as approved by the Executive committee under the exclusive name of The Hereford Petanque Club.

        f)   All reasonable expenses incurred by a member of the Club on official Club business approved by the Executive shall be reimbursed from Club funds.